When It comes to keeping your employees and business secure, access control is the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized visitors, restrict access to sensitive areas, and manage access controls. We offer an alternative to the typical accesses.  With our top of the line security monitoring, you will no longer have to issue a key to your business or be unaware of who is coming and going.  This monitoring system has the capability to connect your doors to an access control system. By allowing this connection your employees will be able to access your business using credentials such as a key card. This gives the employer piece of mind by being able to dictate the level of security you grant to each person. It provides the perfect balance between safety and convince. Additionally, you will receive any reports of suspicious activity that may occur.


Washington State requires all Fire Life Safety Systems, to be tested annually. This not only ensures that your system is maintained and in proper working condition, but also provides peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. We also provide maintenance of Sprinkler Systems, Back Flows and Fire extinguishers.

Our Nicet Certified Inspection Team is dedicated to testing 100% of all necessary devices and equipment. Innovative Systems Tech is and will continue to be, up to date and knowledgeable on system testing as well as all local jurisdiction standards. Obtaining this everchanging information guarantees that we can ensure your systems are in compliance with out having to bill our customers with unnecessary charges.

Following inspections, our team provides the property and local Authority Having Jurisdiction, copies of our confidence test. The confidence test will list any deficiencies your system may have and what recommendations we may have moving forward.

In order to remain the one-stop-shop that we strive to be for our customers, Innovative systems Tech has a team of licensed Line Voltage Electricians. This team possess the ability to help our customers with a variety of projects and troubleshooting. We provide several Electrical services ranging from a simple troubleshoot and repair to office renovations. In addition, we provide options for LED retrofitting and offer 24/7 emergency repairs.

Network Infrastructure Cabling runs through buildings and offices. This wiring provides your data, security, VOIP and telecommunication services. Structured cabling services include but are not limited to wall plates, ports, connective hardware and manual wiring. As the demand and importance of this type of electrical continues to rise, so does the need for quality Technicians. Here at Innovative Systems, we provide not only quality cabling, but expert technicians.

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